The 5th job thing is it Final Attack or Advance? @Velox: I have updated Aran Skill details with the latest information. 3-hit: Attack 5 times with 225% damage. 3-hit: Attack 5 times with 315% damage. I follow all your build and when it comes to 4th job, the system said i need more 1st/2nd/3rd job skills. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) Hey Ayumi, I’ve been using your guides for a very long time now and I’m very grateful! i lost my wolfmounting. Plus, it boost up other stats like defense and stance which is really useful during training. Its because i die easily when im bossin . Finally, max Polearm Booster with the remaining SP. @Cross: Thanks for the notice. Applies to any Hero class in the party, Aran Hyper Skill Build: (My character was screwed up previously hence ditch it aside but surprised to see all my skills reset today). Additional Adrenaline Rush Effect: Shoots out shockwaves front and back. If you have bypass inner ability, this may proc and you can stun again.​. As the last member of a clan that believed in Aran’s resurrection, Lirin is helping Aran to recover his memories and abilities.

We were unable to submit your evaluation. (Command: Up, Up + Attack Key). Hi John Little, when the new MapleStory Reorganization comes into play, it removes all the mastery book requirements which is a big head-relief (no need to hunt them and no need to purchase them), similarly to 1st,2nd and 3rd job skills. @hong1992: I have added Aran V-Matrix Skills guide on the skills recommended to be maxed. Level 1: Can use Smash Swing while airborne, damage increases by 10% points. See this for more information 6. Offers final damage, %PDR and an aura that is consistently fired out, and has a longer duration.​, Mainly the final damage that it offers. Level 5: Damage Reflected: 500%. Then, max High Mastery to stabilize the damage gap between the min-max damage. Since you have a few sources that can get you to at least 35%. Swing your polearm around to deal massive damage, ignoring some DEF.

@guest1234 do you mean u’re missing final blow, combo tempest, combo barrier, high defense? Finisher – Hunter’s Prey @Guest1234 last time most jobs requires skill book for some skills, such as bishop require Resurrection skill, where these skills book require a quest to complete(FYI, Resurrection quest was a jump quest, dubbed the hardest JQ eva) however, after chaos, these skill book quest are removed, however, some jobs still requires SB. @All: haha, guys i answered him long ago in Aran guide V1. Has a very good vertical span, and decent horizontal span.​, Since you will have to use Demon Lash until 160 to restore your fury, you should have a point into this to restore more DF to cast your other skills, so you don't Demon Lash as often.​, Even though you would be using Demon Lash not as frequently as before due to the 'Fury' hyper passive, might as well squeeze in some extra damage.​, More damage for your main bossing skill/situational mobbing skill.​, Definitely essential. I personally would rather move myself to one side, then Dark Thrust to pull mobs.​, Use this skill mainly for the invincibility frames that it offers. A piece of equip with godly scrolled hp will provide around +100 hp. This should put you at a good spot.​, At the very least, you benefit from the additional damage from hitting abnormal status mobs, since this synergises well with Demon Impact/Demon Cry.

It is better to get used to the typical speed/movement of DS. Body Pressure lvl 1: 36 MP, Damage 80%, duration: 120s, stun chance: 24% Chain Skills only: Combo Smash, Combo Fenrir, Combo Judgment, Combo Tempest (the skills with prefix “Combo”). I heard from my friend that skill book might not be available in the newer version of maple. If there is any lagg or the animation is sped up I will almost guarantee a miss. Hi Ayumi, Just curious, why didn’t you add points into Combo Tempest – Tempest Link and Combo Tempest – Bonus? Creates an afterimage that attacks up to 6 enemies with 150% damage 4 times when you use other skills after Smash Swing. Survival—Vital Matrix Quick Guide. This skill can be activated by command only during Adrenaline Rush. Increases party members’ Attack with the blessings of Maha, the spirit of the polearm. A couple of people are killed with a laser gun, we don't see much detail. Kai… i think it can only activate once every 60 seconds. Does not stack with Maple Warrior, Cygnus Knights, Nova Warrior, Sengoku Warrior, President’s Orders and Rhinne’s Protection. We see the cops put him in a car. Movement Speed +15, Max Movement Speed +20.