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(2) Allie Beth poses for Pangburn's Candy Co.'s Easter sale. ALA World Encyclopedia of Library and Information Services. But Allman is more likely to say her career was a series of lucky breaks.

[7] Since 1985, the name Allie Beth Allman has been synonymous with the best estates, high-profile clientele, and superior customer service in the Dallas luxury real estate market. Instead, he took her to reading lessons and pushed her to continue her studies. (1980). Allman has closed residential deals for former U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and former Texas Rangers baseball player Alex Rodriguez, for whom she was able to buy a house that wasn’t even on the market at the time. Perhaps it was because her father often called her and her sisters “the prettiest girls in town,” or maybe it was because her mother often countered with, “Pretty is as pretty does.” Whatever the reason, Allie Beth Allman (née Allie Beth McMurtry)grew up thinking she could do anything. Allman jumped at the opportunity with the Bushes, and before she knew it an armored car carrying Laura Bush rolled up to to her office. She’s sold properties like the 10,000-square-foot Highland Park home of the late Trammell Crow and his wife Margaret Crow, the “Southfork” mansion featured on the CBS-TV show “Dallas,” and Tom Hick’s $100 million, 25-acre, historic estate in North Dallas, the biggest residential property in the city. (1976). While there, she had a fortunate run-in with WFAA’s program manager. Allie Beth Allman is the founder of Allie Beth Allman & Associates, a residential real estate company in Dallas.

Background Report for Allie Beth Allman The Allie Beth Martin Award has been presented annually since 1979 by the, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 17:27. She also called the seller to secure owner-financing, another one of Jones’ requests. Allman majored in journalism at Texas Christian University.

It’s the first of at least three requests for advice Allman would field on her way back to her office. She died in Tulsa on April 11, 1976. “She’s got sort of a West Texas twang about her … and she’s never lost that ability to win people over.”, But by far, Allman’s biggest life struggle has been with dyslexia, she says. “She cuts through and gets to the heart of the problem.”, As a top agent running one of the most productive residential real estate firms in Dallas, Allman has already created a legacy. “I called [the receptionist] and said, ‘Who’s the Miss Texas they hired in traffic?’ I dialed the extension and said, ‘Hi. She started her company in 1985, during an economic recession, and waded though complicated negotiations during a time when lenders weren’t lending.

Her client list includes Dallas Cowboys’ famed coach Tom Landry, team owner Jerry Jones, and Hall of Fame Quarterback Troy Aikman, as well as former President George W. Bush, for whom she traveled to the White House to deliver the keys of his new home in Preston Hollow. She made national news in 2008 for helping George and Laura Bush find their new home in Preston Hollow. When Allman handed him the offers, he turned to her for the decision. Although she prides herself on helping her younger associates, Allman is still strengthening her own skills, too. “I didn’t know who Tom Landry was,” Allman remembers. So she built a Dallas residential real estate empire. Dallas-based Allie Beth Allman & Associates, which Allman founded in 1985, is known for closing some of the biggest North Texas deals. At the time, Allman knew very little about how to handle a deal, she admits, having only had experience at that time in managing some apartment properties. 1976). in foreign languages & English from Arkansas College in 1935 and a B.S. “[It’s] hanging in the hall at my home.”, Sometimes, continued friendships also lead to additional deals. “I said, ‘We already have a house. But in her mind, she was rich and the world was at her feet.

Allman’s first celebrity—and first-ever—client dates back to 1981. Four of the companies are still active while the remaining two are now listed as inactive. Impressed by Allman, Alicia Landry encouraged her to pursue real estate further. Within 48 hours, she sold it.”. Confused by his response, she called back. She’s sold properties like the 10,000-square-foot Highland Park home of the late Trammell Crow and his wife Margaret Crow, the “Southfork” mansion featured on the CBS-TV show “Dallas,” and Tom Hick’s $100 million, 25-acre, historic estate in North Dallas, the biggest residential property in the city. “We weren’t really looking, and she said, ‘I have a house for you,’” recalls Garrett, who with his wife still often socializes with Allman.

Thus, Allie Beth Allman & Associates was formed. They had such a restriction of where they could live because of security.”, Allman sealed the deal on the Bushes’ Daria Place home in December 2008 and delivered the keys to the White House with her husband. Allie Beth Allman & Associates puts Tom Hicks’ 25-acre estate for sale for $100 million. (1976). For three consecutive years she was Dallas County’s Top Producer – head and shoulders above 7000 competing agents. Association. Former Preston Hollow Home of Mary Kay Ash Meets the Wrecking Ball. Her Southern charm, strong negotiation skills, and small-town work ethic give her the ability to work tirelessly through some of the toughest deals while flashing a bright smile—something she perfected as a high school beauty queen, college cheerleader, and poster girl for Fort Worth’s Pangburn’s Candy Co. And, her business is booming. But if we had to do any reading, I’d have to help.”.

“He said, ‘Which one do you like?’ And I said, ‘I think I like this [buyer] better.’ He just picked [the contract] up and signed it. Vol. p 346, The ALA Yearbook, 1976 (Centennial Edition ed. She’s also been fending off Dallas luxury realty companies like Dave Perry-Miller and Associates and Briggs Freeman.