Discover what to watch this November, including a documentary series that dives deep into the Marvel Universe, a reboot of a beloved '90s animated series, and a special that celebrates a very important Star Wars holiday. Note: NBC had Ms. Procter's name spelled "Proctor" but Kathy A. Cissna, who knows Ms. Procter's cousin, had us check the screen credits and it is spelled with an "e" and not an "o" before the final "r".

From 'The Women of Qumar': C.J. The West Wing featured a beloved cast of White House staffers, politicians, and journalists. She is shocked to learn that The President is offering her a position with the administration. .

She served as White House media consultant during her brief stint on the show, and often clashed with Josh on personal as well as professional matters. Come join the fun and sample the finest muffins and bagels in all the land. . Mary McCormack's Kate Harper first appeared in season five as Deputy National Security Advisor to President Josiah Bartlet. "I tried to get in the theatre department", she says, "but it was full." Charlie Young, played by Dulé Hill (Psych) was President Bartlet's body man for almost all of the show.

Procter was later cast as a regular on CSI: Miami which meant Ainsley was sent to Mandyville: her appearance in Season 7 appears to be the series' way of opening up the possibility of her interacting with the White House staff once more. Reddit's home for one of the greatest television series, NBC's The West Wing. . What has happened to Ainsley Hayes? [6] By 2003 when fellow Republican Joe Quincy is applying for a similar role, it is stated that she has left the White House. [7] A few years later, Ainsley submits her resumé to the incoming Santos Administration for White House Counsel.[8]. campaign archives 30 October2002: "Game On" aired on NBC. She left to go to Miami and solve murders.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Some of them found that future in presidential candidate Matt Santos, portrayed by Jimmy Smits (Star Wars, Dexter).

Why doesn't this character appear more often or why hasn't the character appeared recently (whenever). I'm standing up which is how one speaks in opposition in a civilized world. Today in Soap Opera History (October 8), 08 January 2016 And for many fans, she only stood in the way of what was important - Josh and Donna. RELATED: 10 Best Episodes Of The West Wing, According To IMDb. 2:00 AM PST

- not even when he disappeared from the series completely in seasons three and six. ".

Here are relationships fans loved and some they hated.

They're here for the drama. Though they were never actually together, there was a lot of strange flirting happening on screen that fans picked up on right away. Colin Ayres (Jason Isaacs) is best remembered as that British photojournalist who got in the way of Josh and Donna during the "Gaza" arc. When they finally realized their feelings in the last season, it felt more like an inevitability than a surprise - at least for fans, who'd been waiting seven long years for Josh and Donna to become a reality. Emily Procter Though Sorkin may not have intended it when he sat down to write the first-ever episode of The West Wing, the relationship that would come to define the entire series was the one between Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman and his assistant Donna Moss. She's offered the job at the insistence of the President, after he sees her demolish Sam on a TV talk show.

She meets up with her friends and defends the Democratic administration to them, stating that she's taking the position.

So, for fans of the series - or for newcomers who want to know what they've got in store - here are 5 relationships The West Wing viewers loved, and 5 they hated.

She is Episcopalian and a member of the Federalist Society.


Although he loved Emily Procter's performance and chemistry with the rest of the cast, at the time he felt adding another actor to the already large eight-person lead cast would be too difficult. She was a recurring character during the second and third seasons of the show (only appearing when Sorkin or other writers put her into their scripts).

But really, honestly, most fans aren't here for Aaron Sorkin's stellar teleplays. Although they further clash when Sam agitates Ainsley simply for being a Republican as she is offered a job with the Bartlet Administration, Sam combats his sexist tendencies and useless prejudices to be there for Ainsley when she starts the job and is threatened by two idiots in the White House Counsel's office.

Zoey Bartlet was portrayed by Elisabeth Moss before her more recent breakout role as Offred in Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale. Blonde

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We don't really know anything except that at some point after being appointed Deputy White House Counsel but before Joe Quincy is offered the job she left. ... Ainsley Hayes on the Equal Rights Amendment [5] Ainsley advised senior White House staff on a number of occasions, eventually receiving a promotion (albeit for political reasons) to Deputy White House Counsel in mid-2002. First seen And given that Leo McGarry (John Spencer) was much older than Schott, some viewers were understandably weirded out.

This White House that loves the Bill of Rights, all of them, except the second one. But during the fourth season, Emily Procter will be doing "CSI, Miami" so it isn't likely Ainsley will appear much (if at all) on "West Wing":.

[1] She is a noted fan of musicals and older music in general including Eydie Gorme's 1963 hit Blame it on the Bossa Nova. Played by Sorkin regular Joshua Melina, Will just didn't seem like the sort of person a mysterious ex-spy would go for. Donna and Josh were there for each other through all seven seasons, through grievous injuries and national emergencies, late nights and early mornings, sickness and health, thick and thin. She asked CJ if she could speak with her about a job. Kristin Chenoweth appeared on the show in seasons six and seven, portraying Annabeth Schott, Deputy Press Secretary for Media Relations at the White House, and later campaign staffer on the Santos/McGarry campaign. Press J to jump to the feed. . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thewestwing community. . There's nothing more dramatic than the press secretary hooking up with a member of the White House Press Corps.

Cregg thinks you kill your pets. Romance(s) It's not a bad idea to be single, so I can concentrate on my job. But then, I don't recall seeing him again, either. Whether you like tense late-night negotiations between nations at war, eleventh-hour fights to keep scandalous secrets from going to press, or just plain romance, this show has what you're craving. Emily Procter, Actress: Leaving Las Vegas.

[9] Procter noted in a later interview that had she known how much Sorkin wanted to keep her on the show, she would have made more of an effort to return to The West Wing. West Wing Wiki is an information hub about the NBC drama series. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Profession She was referred to as a \"blonde Republican sex kitten.\"Ainsley attended Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. RELATED: The West Wing: 10 Things You Never Knew About Josh Lyman. RELATED: The West Wing: 10 Things You Never Knew About Josh Lyman.

But as Ainsley suffered worse treatment at the hands of other staffers, Sam realized that he was being a bully, and they got along. [2], As a Republican, she often held personal positions that were at odds with those of the Bartlet White House.

But as Ainsley suffered worse treatment at the hands of other staffers, Sam realized that he was being a bully, and they got along. Her father was a member of the Republican Party and grandfather was the State Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party.

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