One exhibit that is a favorite with our guests is our P-38 Cockpit Display. Bruno M Genarlsky Jr. William F. Bucke Jr Louis N Leatham As he did the head was already down near the ground. Once settled in TN, he went into cattle farming on 3 farms he owned, and became a Pro-Lix distributor. McClellan AFB was the Air Force Logistics Command prime support depot for the F-111 and changes and modifications could be made there and tested by the detachment. Ray A. Kees Robert E. Hayes Leo C. Kelly

Harrell Merle D. Pearson William H. Sullivan Jr. Marvin O. He and his men never saw or heard any sound from the Japanese there. The fiberglass cockpit displays instrument panels and equipment used by 475th pilots. Calvert I. Bailey

When inactivated the squadron was the last USAF KB-50 unit. Noel Coet After the war, he bought Army surplus jeeps and with a Filipino manufacturer, Mr. Soriano, created the famous “jeepney” used for public transportation in the Philippines. John J Balchik Allen O. Wofford Frederick S. Nielson He lost his wife Lourdes after 37 years to cancer in 1984. Elmer E. Wright Jr. MacLeod Jones (MIA) He had a very strong adverse reaction to the medication they were using and his condition worsened. Ignatius J Panepinto George F. Newlove Cyprus C Barter Thomas F. Himm On September 8, 1943 lost is P-38H 42-66542 pilot Francis B. Moran Home; Books; Search; Support. Robert K. Weary Ormond E. Powell (MIA)

Albin J. Roginski He and his men were told there were Japanese on the island. James C. Ott Stanley P. Przybysiski He then married Patricia J. Filley and remained married until his death from Lymphoma in 2014. Jack M. Waldhelm In camp, about 25 feet away, 90 mm antiaircraft guns were booming away and would glow red hot in the night until the barrels were switched. Thomas W. Rudd The plan had been for the 475th Fighter Group to have moved north at the same time as the 49th-with McGuire’s 431st Hades Fighter Squadron leading the way-but in wartime things often don’t work out according to plan. Malcolm E Anderson Earl J O’Neill Von D. Spahr Jr.

He remarried Laurine Thompson Cardona in 1995 and then lost her also to cancer in 1992. Christopher Whaley Jr. Afterwards, his aircraft was found but no trace of the pilot or a parachute.

John L. Miles Hyman Furra Milo Snellgrove Engaged in combat operations, providing escort for B-25 Mitchell medium bombers that were engaged in strafing attacks on airdromes at Wewak but also destroyed a number of the enemy fighter planes that attacked the formation. Melvin S. Black F-86D Sabre Dogs in 1956 from Wheelus AB in the Kingdom of Libya. He was in charge of maintenance and overhauling the engines, and serviced each plane. Also flew escort missions to Southeast China and attacked railways on Formosa. 12.

On January 18, 1944 the squadron led by Major Meryl M. Smith flew a fighter sweep over Wewak and were intercepted by 25 enemy fighters. KB-50s were modified about 1960 to KB-50J configuration which added a J-47 turbojet engine underneath each wing in place of the auxiliary fuel tanks to increase the speed of the aircraft. This was 1 day before his 24th birthday. The engine locked up 2 minutes later and flew to pieces. Charles H. Mock Horace B. Reeves George F. Stephens Eugene S. Ciolek Possum, Clover & Hades 475th Fighter Group in World War II (2004) by John Stanaway Mortimer Olster Reactivated at McClellan AFB, California in 1980 as an F-111 Aardvark evaluation squadron, assuming mission of Detachment 3, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing, home stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada, being a Geographically Separated Unit (GSU) of the 57th FWW. Elbert W. Steger He stayed with this outfit for the remainder of the war. In addition was tasked with exploiting foreign technologies, and developing leading edge tactics to improve the future combat capability of aerospace forces. L.W. George W. Coons Joseph Jusko Harry W. Brown Thomas J. Cherro Arthur Groder Christopher J. Herman Richard A. Walkup A son, William Marvin Rose, Jr. was born. Thomroseas R. Peak Clemens Lewicki Wood D. Clodfelter (KIA) Equipped with its own water tower, irrigation system, and concrete piggeries with drainage systems for use in fertilization, the farm was self-sustaining, with most workers living onsite.

Robert P. Donald (KIA) Edwin R. Farewell He and his wife Lourdes had another daughter, Rhonda Ann, after several miscarriages became a family of 5. Andrew K. Duke (KIA) Another venue that houses 475th FGHF memorabilia is at the Museum of Flight, located in Seattle, Washington. Frank N. Woodruff

On January 22, 1944 lost was P-38G 42-12711 pilot 2nd Martin P. Hawthorne (KIA) on a test flight and crashed near Dobodura No. They’ll get you in, and they’ll get you out. Tonight your target is Tokyo.

Stanley J Lubiak James L. Wilson Henry G Irvine Ralph C Lees Jr

William D. Bean By ship he sailed to Australia on a cruiseliner that was converted to a troop ship with 3 canvas bunks stacked atop one another for troops. The landing crafts retreated and he and his men were stranded on the island for 5 days. Originally designed as a high-altitude interceptor, the P-38 proved very versatile and went on to become one of the most famous aircraft of all time. Paul V. Morriss Charles A. Trapp Richard C. Van Etten Jack D Knott Arthur F. Bayley Jr. Samuel A. Fossaceca There will be additions and corrections made as we get new or updated info coming in. Hood

He died while flying as a test pilot after returning home on Aug. 6, 1945 – the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. B. Vausman The 431st Air Refueling Squadron was established at Turner Air Force Base in April 1957 by Tactical Air Command (TAC) to provide a dedicated air refueling capability, initially for F-100 Super Sabres, and later for other in-flight refueling capable TAC bombers, fighters and fighter bombers.

John B Moore

Leroy E. Erwin Robert A Mavity Howard R. Woods.

Roland F. Whitney This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website William W. Dallas Nicholas H Campese It became a subordinate unit of 475th Fighter Wing on 10 August. This hangar is also home to “23 Skidoo,” the Museum’s Lockheed P-38J Lightning, one of only a handful of flying P-38 aircraft. Claude M Loe Jr. He went to St. Petersburg, FL for basic training for 6 weeks, living in pup tents, then went by train to Shepherd Field, TX for mechanical engineering school and was certified and graduated 3 months later. Sirens blew with each raid and medics would tip the cots over and patients were dumped on the ground. He couldn’t eat or drink, had a temperature, nausea and was vomiting. Elmer T. Hines Carl L Foulk Thomas J Sellmer John C. Leland The 431st Air Refueling Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. This is what we’ve been waiting for. William C. Herring The squadron was briefly equipped on activation with KB-29M Stratofortresses transferred from Strategic Air Command (SAC). All you’ve got to do is to remember what you’ve learned and follow your squadron leaders. Our Nose Art Gallery is a collection of personal photos, museum archives, and some taken from “Possum, Clover and Hades”, by John Stanaway, and “Lightning Strikes”, by Ronald Yoshino. William S Lobberton Floyd W Johnson Major Thomas B. McGuire, Jr. and P-38J 43-28836 piloted by Major Jack B. Rittmayer on a fighter sweep over Negros and went Missing In Action (MIA). Robert W. Stern The 431st's mission was to test and evaluate TCTO (Time Change Technical Order) modifications to the F-111A/D/E and F models prior to those hanges being released to operational F-111 Tactical wings in the United States and Europe. James C. Linard David Stern John D. Davis

Joseph A Paianca James B. Phillips Engaged in combat operations, providi… 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation Alfred Demeo

Clyde W Evans Robert L. Crosswait (MIA) Robert Fenstermacher

431st Test and Evaluation Squadron - History - Fighter Weapons Squadron Fighter Weapons Squadron Reactivated at McClellan AFB , California in 1980 as an F-111 Aardvark evaluation squadron , assuming mission of Detachment 3, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing, home stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada, being a Geographically Separated Unit (GSU) of the 57th FWW. James C. Boal Warren J Cortner Michael Bauman Robert L. Struble Seymour V. Prell Allen C. Mayer The 431st Test and Evaluation Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Re-equipped with new F-4D Phantom II in 1965 and reassigned to 479th Tactical Training Wing at George AFB. Vincent T. Elliot Hanley Gray The 475th Fighter Group and P-38 exhibit at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum highlights uniforms and memorabilia belonging to members of the 475th Fighter Group. The 431st Air Refueling Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Stanley D. Mates The F-4D was an improved version of the F-4C, which the 8th TFW had been deployed with to Southeast Asia. Joseph J. Meyers The old engines were then reconditioned and placed in the planes in rotation. On December 31, 1944 lost was P-38H 42-66562 pilot Captain William C. Gronemeyer with passenger 1st Lt. Charles W. Springer. In February 1966, the squadron began F-4D replacement pilot training for personnel to be deployed to Southeast Asia. Ronald P. Dunlap Charles J. Offner Joseph R. Rice Rodney V. Thompson Celio O Seamans Afterwards, San Jose Airfield on Mindoro was renamed "McGuire Drone" in honor of McGuire. Richard J Jordan The squadron flew many missions to support ground forces on Luzon during the first part of 1945. Vincent F. Straus Jacob Brody The unit moved to Kimpo Airfield, on 7 January 1946 where the it converted to the very long-range P-51H Mustang. Baxter M. Phillips Douglas S. Thropp Jr. He built his own feed mill, and helped to develop coogon grass, which he processed as feed for the livestock. On February 28, 1945 the squadron transferred to The squadron was briefly equipped on activation with KB-29M Stratofortresses transferred from Strategic Air Command (SAC). Assigned to Selfridge AFB, Michigan with mission of air defense of the Detroit/Akron area and Great Lakes initially flying the F-86F Sabres reassigned from the 63d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron at Oscoda AFB, Michigan. Kenneth L Brayton Frank Kennison When he recovered, he returned to Dobodura and was later sent to Nadzab. Squadron remained active until June 1992 when the F-111 was retired at the end of the Cold War. Daniel F. Leary Robert C. Snyder Oliver C High Marion F. Kirby John J. Soon after he got there he awoke at 4am with an appendicitis attack.

In his 80’s he became a Master Gardener and was active in the American Legion, Shriners, Amvets, and other civic groups. Edward Boulton Robert L Herman Lightning Strikes: The 475th Fighter Group in the Pacific War, 1943-1945 (1988) by Ronald W. Yoshino, 475th Fighter Group (475th FG) "Satan's Angels", P-38 Lightnings operated by the 475th Fighter Group, 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation, Possum, Clover & Hades 475th Fighter Group in World War II, 475th Fighter Group Aviation Elite Units 23.