that puts it far outside the classic Italian-style build with strong masculine overtones. The factory powers the Burgman 400 with a water-cooled, 399 cc powerplant that keeps the 81 mm bore and 77.6 mm stroke of its predecessor, but drops the compression from 12.6-to-1 on down to 10.6-to-1. The main structure is a proper tubular-steel underframe unit that relies on the hidden members rather than using the stressed-skin (monocoque) method.

You can charge your devices while you ride via the 12-volt outlet in the glove compartment.

Double Swing with 5-steps preload adjustment, 85.6 in x 31.7 in x 55.7 in (2,175 mm x 805 mm x 1,415 mm). In fact, head-on, the Tuning Fork Company’s entry looks very much like the Beemer with split headlights and a cowl-scoop to lead the way below a tall windshield.

Unfortunately, the front turn signals are of the standoff variety and thus, nowhere near as clean as the GT. The BMW Motorrad ABS provides the first layer of safety gadgetry as part of the standard equipment package, but certainly not the last. Out back, a color-matched subframe panel contains the recessed taillight with a plateholder/mudguard to complete the rear-wheel-fling containment. A 61.6-inch wheelbase pushes into proper-motorcycle territory. The rise to the pillion level serves as a sort of lumbar support for the pilot, and the P-pad itself comes with a scoop shape that is sure to cup and support the passenger’s fifth point of contact with a set of J.C. handles and flip-out footpegs to complete the ensemble. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. Continue reading for my review of the BMW C 400 GT. Top Speed: 100 mph (est) Details: Color: Blue, White, Black, Gray: Price: $5,999 Image Source:, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Something you don’t usually see in this displacement range is the sophisticated connectivity that brings your phone and helmet in to become one with the scooter.”, All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners.

“This is an ambitious ride that will get pressure from some of the big-name Japanese builders that enjoy more name-recognition than this Taiwanese marque, but I think KYMCO hit all the right high points with this model. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship, Aluminum double-sided swing arm, double spring strut, adjustable spring preload, Rigid twin disc brake, diameter 265 mm, 4-piston fixed caliper, Rigid single disc brake, diameter 265 mm, 1-piston floating caliper, Water-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine, four valves per cylinder, overhead camshaft with rocker arms, wet sump lubrication, Continuously variable CVT belt transmission, BMW Motorrad ABS, stainless steel exhaust, LED lighting, Keyless ride, flex-case, ASC, center stand, Alpine White, Moonwalkgrey Metallic, Blackstorm Metallic, 3.4 gals w/ 1 gal reserve (12.8 l w/ 4.0 l reserve), 0-31 mph (0-50 km/h): s 3.1, 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h): s 9.5. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. Suzuki shuns the monocoque framing method on the Burgman 400 and runs on a frame made with large-diameter, thin-wall steel tubing for increased strength and reduced weight, and this is another contributing factor in the increased handling performance as the extra stiffness makes the chassis more stable under cornering stresses. A single over-head cam times the four-valve head, and a 40 mm throttle body manages the induction. 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, DOHC, Dual LED (high- & low-beam, plus position lights). The Continuously-Variable Transmission and centrifugal clutch deliver the twist-and-go operation scooter riders expect from their machines. Below the lights, the cheek fairings or “bash plates” carry LED turn signals in recessed housings that are faired off with clear covers along the leading edge, and the plates themselves form a sort of angular engine spoiler and radiator shroud for a little supersport spice. Having shared her love of motorcycles with her now husband, biker TJ Hinton, Allyn brings that love and knowledge to TopSpeed as writer and associate motorcycle editor. This makes a nice compromise for riders who aren’t thrilled about going for the “650” version but still want a top-shelf machine. T.J got an early start from his father and other family members who owned and rode motorcycles, and by helping with various mechanical repairs throughout childhood. Some riders may find the price to be too close to the “real bikes” out there, but in fairness, it’s easier to handle than the bikes that fall in that category, and is still less expensive than, say, Honda’s automatic-transmission DCT models, but just barely.”, My wife and fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, “The body frame is more rigid now and you can expect better performance than the maxi-scooters of old.

Image Source:,, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Cutting-edge electronics and multimedia connectivity come standard, and I gotta’ say the electronics suite is vastly superior to a good number of “proper” motorcycles on the market today. I wanted to check out Suzuki’s mid-size flagship scooter and see how the factory has adapted to reflect its interpretation of the changing popular tastes. The compression ratio is typical at 10.8-to-1.

Though primarily a Harley rider, he has an appreciation for all sorts of bikes and doesn't discriminate against any particular brand or region of origin. and the upper fairing has broad shoulders to punch a hole in the weather for your thighs and waist area. The engine has better performance and torque is available earlier in the range which makes getting off the line a better experience than with the previous 400. to the tune of 35 horsepower (claimed) at 7,500 rpm with 26 pound-feet of torque that come on at an even six grand. Sure, a top case would help that, but the expandable under-seat storage should not be sold short. It’s lightweight compared to other scooters in the same class and that weight is carried low for better handling and maneuverability. Steel members make up the bridge-type frame to stiffen the assembly and provide ample torsional resistance, even under the strain of lively cornering actions.

That planted a seed that grew into a well-rounded appreciation of all things mechanical, and eventually, into a formal education of same. You can get the 2020 Burgman 400 in any color you long as you like Metallic Matte Black No. and the fuel filler is positioned so that fueling accidents won’t splash your cargo with gas.

Large, 32.5 mm intake poppets open up the combustion chamber on the intake stroke and 27.2 mm exhaust valves to vent and scavenge ensures that the incoming charge is as fresh as possible. KYMCO claims an estimated 64 miles per gallon. and are used as a stressed unit in lieu of a motorcycle-like swingarm. I used to think of KYMCO as lacking fit-and-finish, but they are coming out as a contender in the global market.”. 9.5 seconds, so you can hit the motorway/interstate/whatever with a measure of confidence. Beemer more than makes up for it with a pair of storage spaces at the front of the tunnel and its proprietary “flexcase” space under the seat that expands downward and aft to create more room for your books/groceries/whatever. Power flows through a CVT that delivers twist-and-go operation and the ultimate in riding convenience. See our review of the Suzuki Burgman 200. Pilot and pillion sit on separate seats, and that allows for an optional pilot’s seat that rides at 760 mm, which is down from the 775 mm stock saddle. and gives the XCiting big-bike handling characteristics. Dual, 265 mm discs and four-pot calipers slow the front wheel with a third like-sized disc and single-piston caliper out back. To top it off, the 400i powerplant delivers a claimed 35 horsepower to drive it up to interstate speed, which is of paramount importance in the American commuter market.

Coil-over rear shocks are adjustable for spring preload and provide 4.2 inches of travel. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. Back in the lineup in 2018 after a hiatus the year prior, the Suzuki Burgman 400 emerged as an all-new, third-generation model available for the North American market. The factory increased the diameter of the front wheel from 14 inches to 15 inches, but the 13 inch rear wheel remains. Yamaha does get credit for its traction control feature, and of course, the displacement offset leaves it with a much lighter sticker at only $5,599 versus what I reckon will be almost twice that much when the GT’s numbers are released. Yamaha skimps on the stems with 33 mm tubes up front, and though it boosts the rear disc up to 245 mm, it only runs a single 267 mm front disc against the dual front anchors on the Burgman. Plus, there’s a 12V outlet and optional USB adapter that’ll let you charge your smartphone under way. © Copyright TopSpeed. A sculpted saddle comes pared down up front so as to avoid forcing the thighs apart and interfering with your stance when you deploy your training wheels. Cast-aluminum rims round out the rolling chassis with a 120/70-15 up front and 150/70-14 out back, numbers that help lend the GT a handling profile that is certainly more motorcycle-like than you get from the usual rinky-dink doughnuts that scooters tend to roll on. and this makes it a simple and easy machine to ride.

Center-to-center, the contact patches lie 53.1 inches from each other with an overall length of 88 inches even and a 29.7-inch seat height that should work for nearly all body types. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners.

That contributes to the overall stability without making it top-heavy and hard to manage in the parking lot. The Burgman range has served as Suzuki’s modern-metro luxury scooter lineup for a football minute now. The generous p-pad comes with large J.C. handles that double as hardpoints for a bungee net. Price is still up in the air, but I’m looking for a sticker that lands somewhere around the $10 K mark.

See our review of the KYMCO XCiting 500 Ri ABS. The beating heart is a liquid-cooled, 350 cc, four-stroke thumper that runs a single 80 mm bore with a 69.6 mm stroke and an 11.5-to-1 compression ratio so you’ll be pulling up to the expensive pump, no doubt. Easy peasy, but at the end of the day, just like almost every other scooter in the world in that respect and so nothing special.

These hoop sizes also contribute to the agreeable handling characteristics. I’m comfortable calling MY2018 a particularly important model since it falls out at what I consider to be the smallest displacement that I would be comfortable riding on our urban arteries and interstates. That gives the GT a 139 km/h (86.3 mph) top speed and a 0-to-100 km/h (0-to-60 mph) time of Oh well, at least it comes with ABS, so you can use what brakes you have with confidence. Although the bodywork is all-around slimmer than the previous gen, it seems to retain a sufficient leg pocket for most body types though the step-through remains mostly blocked by the tunnel and you can forget about stowing any cargo between your feet.